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Final Determination for the 2014 General Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity

The Water Management Administration has reached a final determination to issue the 2014 General Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity. The Compliance Program has submitted a Notice of Final Determination to newspapers around the state, to be published today and tomorrow. The effective date of the new permit is January 1, 2015. Coverage under all previous versions of the General Permit ends December 31, 2014. Existing permittees who need continued coverage after that date must submit a new Notice of Intent (NOI) to us by December 31, 2014. Submitters are to use MDE’s new electronic portal for submission of construction NOIs. Effective Thursday, October 30, 2014, this MDE e-Permits portal is temporarily disabled. A new version of the portal, including many important and useful new functions, is being completed. The new portal is expected to be activated by Monday, November 17, 2014. Please return then to prepare and submit NOIs for the 2014 General Permit for Stormwater Associated with Construction Activity. Those who have already submitted NOIs using the portal will not be able to access them while the portal is disabled, but the NOIs will be available in the new version of the portal. The link to this portal is:

The 2014 General Permit has a number of changes from the previous General Permit. The text, fact sheet, response to comments, and final determination will also be posted on the webpage noted below. Of particular note is that the public notification period is shorter: 14 days for projects of all sizes. Only projects without current permit coverage must complete a public notification period.

MDE’s final determination is subject to judicial review at the request of any person that meets the threshold standing requirements under federal law and is an applicant or participated in the public participation process through the submission of written or oral comments. Requests for judicial review in accordance with 1-601 and 1-605 of the Environment Article must be made to the appropriate circuit court on or before December 1, 2014. The permit record is available for review by contacting the Compliance Program, Water Management Administration, Maryland Department of the Environment, 1800 Washington Blvd., Suite 420, Baltimore, Maryland 21230-1708, or by calling (410) 537-3019.
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